Jiu Jitsu in Focus

Jiu Jitsu is a form of Brazilian martial art, which focuses mainly on grappling and ground fighting, and is a form of self defence, which has caught on with the rest of the world at quite a fast rate, and many can be seen practicing it around the globe.

In recent times Jiu Jitsu made it to the news page of many sports publications both offline and online, when Royler Gracie, who is a part of the renowned and well-known Gracie family, came to Dunedin to spread more awareness about the martial art, and even coached a few students when he visited Dunedin Fight and Fitness Academy.

Royler Gracie has been associated with the sport almost his entire life, and has moved to San Diego to gather more students to whom he can pass down his fighting secrets. Royler Gracie was in Dunedin to meet with Ryan Henry, who is his New Zealand representative. According to Royler Gracie, Jiu Jitsu is a simple sport and art form and can be learnt and done by anyone, and that it does not require any special talent.

According to Royler Gracie, Jiu Jitsu does not focus with any extra attention on competitions, and he himself has not competed in any mixed martial arts tournaments, even though Jiu Jitsu has been seen to dominate the MMA world. His brother, Royce Gracie on the other hand, emerged the victor in all the first UFC competitions, which is the larger division of the MMA, and has contributed immensely to revolutionise the sport.

According to Royler Gracie, who has himself won many championships, and is a four time world champion, said that a pure boxer would fall short with all his set of skills if he were to made to fight a Jiu Jitsu artist.