Karate - some basic facts

Karate is a popular form of martial art originated from the Okinawan Islands. The Japanese word means “empty hand”. It is form of self defense mainly without any weapons. The body and the limbs play the most vital role in this form of martial art.

Karate, in recent times, has been classified into four parts—self defense, physical conditioning, mental conditioning and sport. Of these four categories, the sport has been popularized enormously during the past few years. There is a notion that an Indian priest named Bodhidharma is associated with the origin of karate. The other names which are closely associated with the birth of this form of martial art are Hua to and Yuen Fei.

Karate has gained a lot of prominence in the field of sports in recent years though it hasn’t been yet included in the Olympic Games. The most important thing regarding the sport is that one should not be mistaken that it is to hurt people. When first originated in China, it was taught as self defense in various villages and in various forms. So it must be known that it is only a self defense method. When it comes to sport, it is a martial art performance which concentrates on blocking an opponent and hitting him in the right areas.

The sport has different levels and types of competitions. A karate tournament includes categories like breaking bricks, showing the self defense techniques, sparring, etc. In a one-on-one tournament, the performers have to block, kick and punch the opponents and there’s a referee to judge the points. There are also different “belts” like white, black, blue, etc., in the sport according to the level of the performers.

Having said all this, the emphasis lays on the fact that it is not a medium of indulging in a war. It only shows you the ways you can react in a moment of crisis with your hands and legs only.