BJ Penn has taken to the use of social networking media to speak about his angst against Nick Diaz. Penn lost to Diaz in a match sometime back and has been quite disturbed and worried with the change of events.

This chain of events might in turn end the friendship between BJ Penn and Nick Diaz as well.

The fight between these two top class wrestlers took place after Georges St. Pierre had backed out originally due to an injury. This back out led to the introduction of BJ Penn to fight Nick Diaz. However, both BJ Penn and Diaz had admitted to the fact that they were not comfortable trying to fight against one another especially after they had trained as friends in the previous years.

BJ Penn had put up quite a good show in the beginning, but was unable to continue it to the end of the game. Nick Diaz managed to gain an upper hand and with his excellent array of skills, he managed to win the game and emerge victorious. It was quite an amazing game and Nick Diaz could finally answer all his critics with a bold move. BJ Penn even congratulated Nick on his victory and went on to say that he was really happy for Nick who has been improving his game.

BJ Penn went on to announce his retirement as well just after the game and both these friends sat down in the dressing room after the game to have a friendly chat. However, of late BJ Penn’s reaction in calling Nick a coward and a person who is unable to fight has not gone down well with the rest of the people and it is quite difficult to figure out the reason for BJ Penn’s anger.

Many are of the impression that his holidays are over and now he is sitting back and contemplating over his last few fights and this might be one of the reasons where he flared up. He could not see himself being defeated by someone who trained along with him and this might have hit his ego.

However, at the end of it, all of these problems are due to the fact that he is quite bored and needs to find himself something new and novel to do. There is no point digging over the past as this might lead to a lot of unhappy moments in the future.