Spontaneous altercations between young kids who can’t stand the sight of each other have been reported many times over the last few years and many videos have also been seen on the internet and the social networking sites but what happened in Vienna, in the state of Virginia in the United States of America recently was beyond belief for many of the police officers who were present at the scene.

According to the police reports, a large number of teenagers in their early teens were seen making their way to a secluded parking lot where two young boys also aged between 12 and 13 years were scheduled to fight each other in what was a pre-planned fight club.

Bill Murray, a police officer who was present at the scene during the time stated that everything about the event was pre-planned by these middle school students and they refer to it as a ‘fight club’. The police arrived at the scene and broke up the fight and even managed to nab one of the kids who were fighting and he confessed to the fact that he was a member of the fight club and that it held such events on a regular basis.

There is an America Fight Club located in Vienna and it is being assumed that the kids draw inspiration from this club and schedule their own events. Bill Grinnell, the chief instructor at the American Fight Club stated that the main difference between his club and what these kids were attempting to do was safety.

He added that these events are held in a controlled environment and on a mat and there is always a referee but these kids are not aware of the implications of what fighting without proper training can have and urged the police to continue their crackdown.